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How To Make Consistent Progress On The Violin Without Struggling To Find Time To Practice  


In This Masterclass 

You'll Learn:



The Top 3 Mistakes Beginners Make

and How to Avoid Them.



The Secret To Making Consistent Progress

Without wondering What or How to Practice.



The Method I Teach My Students

So That They Can Have SUCCESS in Their Practicing.



Jen Groh

"Rachael is knowledgeable about adult learners, including how we process information and physical challenges to playing the violin that young children don't likely face. She helps me grow and progress past potential frustration."

This Masterclass is for You if.....


  • You have a love for the mechanics and sound of the violin and want to learn it to the best of your ability.

  • You feel frustrated learning new skills on the violin as an adult beginner.

  • You don't just want someone to teach you  how to play, but also how to practice so you can troubleshoot on your own.


Hello, I'm Rachael....


I believe that learning violin should be realistic and fun so you can find joy in your violin playing!

However, as a stay-at-home mom and business owner, I know how hard it can be to find the time to invest and get results. 

When I first became a mom, I struggled to find time to practice.  I had to learn to be strategic with my time and plan ahead by setting specific goals for each practice session.

I created my step-by-step curriculum and practice guides to help other busy adults do the same and become empowered to learn the violin! 

I look forward to seeing you in the Training!